Everything you ever wanted to know about cryo-chamber therapy, made simple.


While these chambers are available in non-medical practices, make sure you have the clearance if not involvement of your physician as you get this therapy.
That said, sadly, many physicians don’t know anything about the value of reducing inflammation in your body, how it makes go away in chronic pain, plus how spectacular it is to athletes in general. But if you don’t have chronic pain, and if you’re not an athlete, well, it’s a wonderful anti-aging modality. So this includes you!
You owe it to yourself to try this! It’s available most everywhere, and it’s affordable.



Cryo-chamber therapy is now available at spas and medical practices for life prolonging, pain controlling, athleticism improving reduction of inflammation. Yes! It’s available and affordable. And it works. How does it work? Briefly…
You get in a freezing cold chamber of misted air, cooled by nitrogen gas. It’s usually a three minute process.
How does this work? What happens physiologically in cryo-therapy the licensed physician (and non-licensed biohacker – that’s you average Joe!) reading this asks? The portion of your autonomic nervous system known as the sympathetic nervous system devoted to protecting you from any extremes – kicks in. And… Your body goes into flight or flight mode. That is what it does as a defense mechanism. As a result of this, your blood is driven into your core organs to warm them up. There, the blood is oxygenated and enriched with nutrients and cleared of any inflammatory debris.
When you step out of the chamber back to room temperature three minutes later, your blood races back out to your extremities. And with this inflow from the cold, and the outflow with re-warming, we are able to eliminate inflammation from your body with repeated cryo-chamber use.
Why eliminate inflammation you ask?
Inflammation causes pain in cancer and MS patients and most any other inflammatory disease process ranging from diabetes to autoimmune disorders. If inflammation is removed, pain is removed. Most disease processes are inflammatory! So most disease processes will benefit from this. This takes away their pain!
Also, inflammation causes decreased nerve function in athletes constantly pushing their bodies, constantly hurting themselves. If inflammation is clocking up your nerves, it will decrease reaction time, decreased performance, decrease work out benefit. Since inflammation is decreased, all athletes will benefit from this. This improves athleticism, recovery times from all hardship, and performance!
Thirdly, inflammation causes aging and death and all of us, even if you don’t have chronic pain, even if you’re not an athlete. So, beating inflammation helps everyone.
So it’s for chronic pain patients. No I didn’t say it cured cancer. But I did say that it does lower inflammation, so lowers CRPs, so lowers pain in chronic pain patients.
And it’s for athletes. No I didn’t say it can make you a better athlete than your God given maximum potential. But it can improve nerve function leading to improved and maximized athleticism.
And it’s for everyone. Everyone that doesn’t want to age or die or at least wants increased quality of life, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Inflammation works against all of these things.
How long does it last is the most frequently asked question I get. Worst case scenario, two days. In fact, the makers of this would like to see you doing it every other day. Best case scenario, about two weeks. So you could do it that in frequently if that’s all you can afford. Sessions run $50-$60 per three minutes.
How often can I do this.
is safe to use every day, and many people out west, Beverly Hills, Palm Springs, where there are dozens of these machines per square mile of those cities, receive a cryotherapy session daily.
The last question that I wish people would ask more often is why is lowering information important to reducing aging. They get pain reduction in chronic pain patients. They get improved athleticism in athletes because it takes the inflammation away from the nerves, allowing them to react and respond and work out better.
How lowering inflammation lowers aging. It’s fascinating. This has been elucidated this past year.
Briefly, inflammation in our bodies is instrumental to killing us off. It’s natures plan. And this is how that works…
Inflammation as a result of accumulation of natural debris and aging leads to the formation of these odd cells that have been called senescent cells.
Senescent cells are like zombie cells. They are neither alive nor dead. On their way to dying, they simply stop dying. They stop in a state that doesn’t let them help the body in it anyway. The stopped state is useless. Except for one thing! It can recruit more cells for this useless state. If your dying cell died, then it would just get out of the way, be replaced by regeneration, be cleaned up, not harmful to anything. And a dead cell – at least it would not continue to recruit a useless death like state – clinically correlated with aging.
Bam. Living cells are good. Dying cells that die are good, they can be cleaned up. Regenerated. But these senescent cells that are in a zombie state are dangerous.
Just like a zombie. It has no function. It’s not alive. And it should just go on a die. But it requires this ability to not go on and die – currently under much investigation. But, as stated above, it’s more harmful than just being stagnant and in the way. In fact, it can send out signals to cells near it recruiting other cells in it’s creepy campaign to make more cells senescent, and just not die. So… It can actually create more senescent cells. And the more senescent cells there are, the more we age and die.
Two things really govern the amount of senescent cells in our body. One is stem cells. The third big function of stem cells that was elucidated just in the last few years is that they clear the body of senescent cells. It’s very exciting. Stem cells make senescent cells go on and die.
Another, the main other thing governing senescent cell numbers probably, is the production of senescent cells. And as far as we can tell, the only thing that really produces senescent cells is inflammation.
Thus, it is critical that we reduce inflammation!
The other big concept that has really just been elucidated in the past 18 to 24 months of the respected medical literature, is the concept that states that the more we make ourselves look young, fight aging, and thus be healthy by reducing inflammation, the more years we actually live. Now proven! So having an anti-aging, anti-inflammatory approach to life actually prolongs life. We had have long suspected that it did. But in the last several months for literature, we can scientifically say that it does. Yesss!


Reduce inflammation! It helps you immediately by lowering pain if you are a chronic pain patient. It improves athleticism Immediately if you’re a healthy athlete like most of us truly are.

Further… If not an avid athlete, and you’re not a chronic pain patient, and you’re just an average healthy person…
If you reduce inflammation, you will also prolong life.
Stay well,


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